Posts from November 2019

Our title here is the common misconstruction of “anchor aweigh”, but it is appropriate for London Arbitration 16/19 [(2019) 1037 LMLN 3], which concerned a vessel that tendered NOR with one of its anchors missing. 
A common stipulation is that NOR is tendered during working hours, or more usually within stated such times, thus governing laytime but perhaps also giving charterers the right to cancel. 
With a premature and otherwise invalid NOR, failure to re-tender, waiver, estoppel, cancellation, damages for repudiatory breach, force majeure, counterclaim for unclean holds and nearly US$ 2.8 million in dispute, London Arbitration 13/19 [(2019) 1031 LMLN 3] is a very striking Award. 
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