Shipowners/operators register their vessels with C Demurrage, paying low annual fees per vessel. The fees are competitive with the added value of providing payment for approved claims, with no minimum claim size amount and without limit as to the number of claims per year. 
For charterers or trading companies, the annual fee will cover demurrage claims incurred for a fixed number of shipments. 
If demurrage is incurred and submitted to C Demurrage as agreed immediately after the completion of the voyage, payment can be made to the Client of up to 80% of the assessed value of the demurrage claim within 30 days. 
We are staffed by lawyers, experienced claim handlers from the shipping and P&I sectors, Master Mariners and insurance professionals with over 175 years’ combined claims experience, and provide our clients with a global network of legal, commercial and technical representatives. 
C Demurrage has the distinction of the being the first and only company to offer factoring services for demurrage receivables to the shipping industry. 
Partner companies currently supply outsourced claims services to Lloyd’s Underwriters, Lloyd’s Brokers, P&I Clubs, Shipowners and Traders. 
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