Outsourced claims handling is attractive to those who require a first class claims service without the associated costs and investment in time. Reviewing the facts of a voyage after its completion and calculating a correct demurrage claim in compliance with complex charterparty terms, as well as obtaining a settlement keeps commercial staff from more important day-to-day matters, and costs you money. 
C Demurrage provides an out-sourced post-operations service, exclusively focused on demurrage. We can take this part of the operations cycle off your hands. 
Charges can be agreed on a fee per claim or voyage basis, or per vessel, by fleet size or by chartering activity according to needs. We would be pleased to submit a free quotation in confidence and without obligation based on your likely needs. 

Key Benefits: 

Specialisation enables us to keep up with constantly-changing charterparties, industry practices and legal developments in multiple jurisdictions. 
Professionally presented claims removes potential for unnecessary challenges or disputes. 
Skilful handling of paperwork, processing and collection of demurrage on a Client’s behalf. 
Outsourcing removes surplus/insufficient staffing levels due to changing commercial demands and reduces in-house expenses. 
Reduced in-house expenses and fixed back-office costs, releasing capital for investment elsewhere. 
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